Influence Grid for Jane Dole


Rate yourself in terms of whether each statement reflects what you leverage when influencing others. There is no right or wrong answer. The instrument will only be of value if you give an accurate and objective description of yourself in an influence context in the workplace.

Using the following scale, rate yourself as to what extent do you leverage the following resources in influencing others in the workplace?
1 - Do not exhibit
2 – Rarely exhibit
3 – Occasionally exhibit
4 – Frequently exhibit
5 – Always exhibit

1. Ability to focus on what matters and communicate it to others

2. Authority attached to position or title as derived from legitimate or positional power. Associated with legitimacy is also the use of reward and coercion.

3. Exhibiting a high degree of functional or technical knowledge as derived from expert power

4. The give and take needed to make relationships work.

5. Persuasive communication enlisting others to support (or not block) ideas and efforts

6. Ability to make and keep connections by adding value to networks

7. Ability to reach out as opposed to wait for things to happen.

8. Exhibiting honesty and integrity in actions

9. Being able to shift focus when necessary

10. Ability to inspire enthusiasm and commitment as derived from referent power

Observer Setup

You can nominate at least 1 and up to 3 people for each group of observers - Managers, Peers and Direct Reports. Please provide their names and emails.

Manager 1
Manager 2
Manager 3
Peer 1
Peer 2
Peer 3
Direct Report 1
Direct Report 2
Direct Report 3