• Conflict Management: Virtual Class

Conflict is inevitable.

Its effect depends on how we respond to it. If we fear conflict and handle it poorly, small problems will fester and grow into larger ones. In the best-case scenario, conflict can be a catalyst for improvement and change. If you understand the role conflict plays in your work and personal relationships, you’ll find that you can make conflict work for you, instead of against you.

Who is this for?
Anyone who wants to improve their conflict management skills and learn from seasoned facilitators, who teach tried and tested strategies.
What will I get?
The approach in the virtual class is to teach and apply, in an interactive small group setting, the core skills for effective conflict management that will enhance your interpersonal effectiveness. 

At the end of the virtual class, you will understand how to analyse conflicts using the ROI:  
  • Resource-Based
  • Objective-Based
  • Identity Based
 And apply the ARIA process for conflict resolution:
  • Antagonism
  • Resonance 
  • Invention
  • Action
You will leave with a personal action plan that you can start applying immediately in your day-to-day work.

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Conflict Management: Virtual Class

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