• Change Responsive Questionnaire

The environment in the workplace constantly changes within short periods of time. 


If we are unable to adapt and respond, small issues can escalate. 


Who is this for? 


Anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and become more adaptable to changes in the workplace. 


What will I get? 


The Change Responsive Questionaire enables you to get inputs from up to 9 identified observers: your direct reports, peers or manager.


You will get a report highlighting your observable strengths and areas of improvement when dealing with change, to get a holistic understanding of your responsiveness to changing situations.   


The report will contain a Johari Window, a 2 x 2 matrix that compares your perception of how you deal with change, against how others see you. This would enhance your self-awareness and help you understand your gaps.   

See a Sample Profiler Report


How do I use the report? 


You can use the report to develop a personal action plan to improve in areas where there are gaps, both immediately and for the medium term. Some of these you could try on-the-job immediately to start experimenting and seeing immediate benefits. 


You may also want to spend some time with a coach to do a debrief on the results of the report, and to plan next steps. 



What is the science? 


The questionaire has been designed to allow you to reflect on your behaviour on a day-to-day basis and whether you exhibit change responsive characteristics when you need to deal with changes.   


It helps highlight your strengths and blind spots, based on ten acknowledged characteristics: 


     - Tolerance for Ambiguity: Able to deal with uncertainties without anxiety 
- Challenge Assumptions: Have the courage to challenge conventional ways and take risks 
- Integrity of Intent: Keep promises or commitments made 
- Take Responsibility: Proactively take responsibility to get things done 
- Persistence: Persevere to accomplish objectives despite obstacles and challenges 
- Vision: Have a clear vision and be able to articulate and communicate it to others 
- Focus: Stay focused despite distractions and interruptions 
- Leadership: Able to influence and inspire others to follow   
- Openness: Provide and accept feedback to and from others  
- Social Agility: Exhibit social behaviour that facilitates productive working relationships 

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Change Responsive Questionnaire

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