• 360° Leadership Profiler

Your leadership skills are a critical component of your success in work and in life, and having a clear plan to constantly improve yourself is a key pillar of that success. If you understand your visible strengths and shortcomings as a leader, you would be able to take the necessary steps in order to become a better leader in your workplace. 


Who is this for? 


Anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills in their organisation to become a more competent leader.


What will I get? 


The 360 Leadership Profiler enables you to get inputs from up to 9 identified observers: your direct reports, peers or manager.


You will get a report highlighting your observable strengths and areas of improvement as a leader, to get a holistic understanding of your leadership skills. You will be able to see your scores in the form of a bar chart for all the six competencies detailed by their descriptors.


The report will also contain a Johari Window, a 2 x 2 matrix that helps you access your visible strengths and areas of improvement in each of the leadership competencies, against how others see you. This would enhanced your self-awareness and help you understand your gaps.  

See a Sample Profiler Report



How do I use the report? 


You can use the report to develop a personal action plan to improve in areas where there are gaps, both immediately and for the medium term. Some of these you could try on-the-job immediately to start experimenting and seeing immediate benefits.


You may also want to spend some time with a coach to do a debrief on the results of the report, and to plan next steps.  


What is the science? 


The 360° Leadership Profiler helps you reflect on how you put into practice key leadership competencies at work.

Based on both Personal and Organizational Effectiveness, the profiler includes 6 key leadership competencies and 18 descriptors:

Personal Competence

• Personal Effectiveness

• Interpersonal Effectiveness

• Team Effectiveness

Organizational Competence

• Strategic Alignment

• Innovation and Change Management

• Solution Focus Approach

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360° Leadership Profiler

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